Ultralight Carbon Fiber Thru Axle
The lightest thru axles in the world. A pair of thru axles from only 30g.
( Different models have different weights.)
The Ultimate Upgrade
Take your bike to the next level.
Over 20 Brands Supported
From Pinarello to Specialized and everything in between.
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About our Project

Ultralight Carbon Fiber Thru Axles

When we were talking about bicycle parts…

We realized that almost everything is made of carbon fiber. Frame, stem, handlebar, saddles and even brake pads. But why aren’t thru axles made of carbon fiber? If we use carbon, we can reduce the weight of the thru axles by upto 60%. There were already some carbon fiber thru axles on the market, but they hadn’t become mainstream. Why not?

What are people concerned about?

Durability? Safety? Strength? Maybe people are worried about failure of the bonding. Or perhaps breaking from the excessive twisting forces. Maybe the current options weren’t light enough?

We decided to re-write the rules with our own innovative design!

Product Highlights

From the product itself, to the packaging, the stickers, and every detail in between; we are carefully designing every aspect.

We do our best to make our products are environmentally friendly as possible. For the packaging, we use recyclable and environmentally friendly paper.

By utilising advanced composites technology and cutting-edge design we are able to achieve incredible strength to weight ratios.

Safety through diligence. We simulated, tested and refined multiple iterations before finalising on a design that easily passed all our safety tests.

World's Lightest
Saved over stock axles
Tensile Strength
Days to Develop

Which through axle is right for me?

Unfortunately the bike industry isn't very good at agreeing on universal standards. As a result, almost every brand using their own specification, sometimes multiple specifications for the same brand. We have options for most standard makes and models, but can also customise for your specific needs.


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The Ultimate Thru-Axles

Ultra Lightweight

Starting at just 30g for a pair, the OVERFAST thru-axles allow you to shave up to 100g off the weight off your bike without compromising on function or performance. 

Safety First

While this is a weight weenie product, there was no question of compromising safety. 30g is well within the limits of what we could do responsibly. We tested to above and beyond industry standards again and again.


At the sharp end of the peloton 100g can be the difference between winning and losing. The OVERFAST Thru Axles are a performance orientated part for the dedicate athlete who is seeking marginal gains.

Patented Technology

The unique, secure interface between the carbon shaft and aluminium locking thread was the hardest engineering problem to solve. That's why we patented it to protect ourselves and protect you from cheap imitation products.

Research & Development

After two years of research & development we have officially launched our first product: The OVERFAST carbon fiber thru-axle. 

We’re proud of our accomplishment and have applied for and been granted patent protection.

Product Testing

We’re always pushing the envelope for weight reduction, but we draw the line at compromising safety. Our thru-axles passed a series of both non-destrcutive and destructive testing before their official launch.

1) Thru axle fatigue test with wheelset (EN standards)

2) Thru axle Impace test with wheelset (UCI standards)

3) Maximum torque test (19NM).

4) Maximum tensile strength test (950kgf).

5) Inspection test with X-ray machine.

6) Lateral compression test (100kg, maximum of 200kg).

7) Carbon cap impact and fatigue resistance test (20J impact, 12NM torque locking, continuous twisting for 200 times at one-minute intervals).

8) More than one year athlete real world test.

Envrionmentally Concious

While bikes are genuinely a tool for good in the fight against climate change, carbon fiber is an inherently messy industry. As such, we try to be as environmentally conscious as possible with our packaging, while still making sure the product is well protected.

Available for the following


Colnago Bikes New 2022
Trek Bicycle Corporation

...and many more.