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Built to Perform

A pair of OVERFAST thru-axles weighs as little as 30g for the pair. (Different models have slightly different weights.) The weight is even 14g lighter than the legendary lightweight SSP2 Quick Release (44g) which was designed for rim brakes, and 80g lighter than regular aluminium thru-axles.

Extensive R&D

After two years of research & development we have officially launched our first product: The OVERFAST carbon fiber thru-axle. 

We’re proud of our accomplishment and have applied for patent protection.

Product Testing

We’re always pushing the envelope for weight reduction, but we draw the line at compromising safety. Our thru-axles passed a series of both non-destrcutive and destructive testing before their official launch.

1) Thru axle fatigue test with wheelset (EN standards)

2) Thru axle Impace test with wheelset (UCI standards)

3) Maximum torque test (19NM).

4) Maximum tensile strength test (950kgf).

5) Inspection test with X-ray machine.

6) Lateral compression test (100kg, maximum of 200kg).

7) Carbon cap impact and fatigue resistance test (20J impact, 12NM torque locking, continuous twisting for 200 times at one-minute intervals).

8) More than one year athlete real world test.

MagicLock Physical Bonding Tech

If the bond between the carbon and alloy elements relied purely on bonding there is far too much risk of failure. Therefore we designed our MagicLock physical interface between the two components. 

With just the physical interface the two parts can resist more than 500kgf. With the addition of the bonding agent, the total force resisted is over 900kgf.

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